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I Feel It All

I wrote this August 5th but didn't post it as public. I started writing it, and eventually, it turned fictional and in third person or something. I forgot what perspective it's in now, so, I'll just post it again, since I really don't want to read it.

It has been a very long time since I have update my journal. Apparently LJ is cool again, so I had best jump on the band wagon while there is still time. Rather than a longwinded sixteen paragraphs peppered with "lol"'s and "anyway"'s, I'll just start from right now.

I'm pretty sure this will, as most entries do, end up as a simply retelling of past and perhaps future events. So I guess I should shut up and write then.

Ooo, idea: I'm going to write entries about some of my closest, and I guess not-so-close friends (if I get desperate), friends. It'll be fun for me, if I actually follow through, and probably pretty boring if I'm not talking about you.

To start off with the mundane, my phone is broken. There are so many things wrong with it at this point. Rather than paying another $50 to the insurance company, I've made the executive decision to purchase a new phone. I picked out one that I saw when browsing phones a couple months ago. Why was I browsing phones a couple months ago? Why, I am a nerd, of course. So I got on eBay, got screwed a couple times, but managed to spend a third of one of my paychecks on a phone that will hopefully last a while. Hopefully everything will go smoothly with activating it, and entering my slew of contacts, etc.

Now, for more interesting things, I've gone to the beach recently. I was very excited to go, seeing as how I haven't been there in more than a year. One night my friends and I didn't know what to do, so, I decided to be spontaneous, something that doesn't occur to often, and suggested we go to the beach. We got our stuff together and started out on our journey. Oh, by the way, we left for the beach, which is about an hour away, at about 12:30 am (yes, AM). The beach was quite peaceful. There were no screaming children, or droves of people in our way. It was nice, but, at the same time I missed them a little. What's a public beach without the little annoyances?

Seeing as how it was my first time at the beach all summer, I felt the need to go in the water. Sure, my friends and I played in the ankle-high water, throwing a Frisbee back and forth, but you really have to be able to be in the water. You need to be able to drink it all in, swim in it, metaphorically and physically. For once I forgot about the possibility of sharks, sting rays (yes, someone managed to make a Steve Irwin joke), jelly fish, and the like, all icky seaweed that might touch my feet or wrist as I waded into the ebbing waters.

No one would come in with me. Sam told me to do it, that it could be "life changing". Once he said that there really wasn't a chance of me NOT going in. I cleared my mind and shed my clothes, down to my skivvies, letting all anxiety about being in front of my clothed friends, nearly naked, wash off like the dense sand that coated my legs. Waist deep, I waded through the dark waters, I watched the moon's reflection on the water, breathed deeply, and went under. I was only under for a second or two, but it felt as if I had been submerged for hours. I left the cool water behind as I walked slowly toward shore, leaving my anxieties and worries in the water, polluting it, cleansing myself.

I told them "the water's beautiful" as I walked past them and collapsed onto the sand, listening to the sounds of the waves crashing against the beach, and stared aimlessly into the sky, looking from one star to the next.

I'm really self conscious about my writing...so no comments, heh.
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