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Sunday, December 14th, 2008

[11:23pm] on [Sun the 14th]

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It's December 14, almost 15. On the 11th my laptop's warranty expired, and with it any chance of an inexpensive extension the full-coverage service.

Also some of the hardware has been broken for a while.

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Job Hunting [12:11pm] on [Mon the 23rd]

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Hiring "managers" have wildly excessive expectations of applicants. See below for example job posting that I have just come across.

Administrative Assistant: Burton Funeral Home

Experience: 2-5 Years Experience

Competent with Microsoft Office Products, Quickbooks & Photoshop. Able to multi-task in growing family business with multiple business lines. Composition skills necessary.

1. No one wants to go near a funeral home.
2. You want an administrative assitant who knows MS Office, no prob.
3. Oh, you want quickbooks too, and accounting software?
4. Oh... you also need this magical person to know Photoshop.

They should have just written "Dead people palace seeks Administrative Accountant/Graphic Designer that doesn't have a strong sense of smell. EOE, EMO OK.

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

California Gay Marriage Meets Jon Stewart [07:38pm] on [Thu the 19th]

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If I didn't already love Jon Stewart and The Daily Show, this would make me.

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

[03:20am] on [Sat the 3rd]

current mood : cold
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I can't feel my fingers or toes (and the toes part is not a fat kid joke). I'm going to try to update once my extremities thaw.

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

I Feel It All [12:59am] on [Wed the 26th]

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I wrote this August 5th but didn't post it as public. I started writing it, and eventually, it turned fictional and in third person or something. I forgot what perspective it's in now, so, I'll just post it again, since I really don't want to read it.

It has been a very long time since I have update my journal. Apparently LJ is cool again, so I had best jump on the band wagon while there is still time. Rather than a longwinded sixteen paragraphs peppered with "lol"'s and "anyway"'s, I'll just start from right now.

I'm pretty sure this will, as most entries do, end up as a simply retelling of past and perhaps future events. So I guess I should shut up and write then.

Ooo, idea: I'm going to write entries about some of my closest, and I guess not-so-close friends (if I get desperate), friends. It'll be fun for me, if I actually follow through, and probably pretty boring if I'm not talking about you.

To start off with the mundane, my phone is broken. There are so many things wrong with it at this point. Rather than paying another $50 to the insurance company, I've made the executive decision to purchase a new phone. I picked out one that I saw when browsing phones a couple months ago. Why was I browsing phones a couple months ago? Why, I am a nerd, of course. So I got on eBay, got screwed a couple times, but managed to spend a third of one of my paychecks on a phone that will hopefully last a while. Hopefully everything will go smoothly with activating it, and entering my slew of contacts, etc.

Now, for more interesting things, I've gone to the beach recently. I was very excited to go, seeing as how I haven't been there in more than a year. One night my friends and I didn't know what to do, so, I decided to be spontaneous, something that doesn't occur to often, and suggested we go to the beach. We got our stuff together and started out on our journey. Oh, by the way, we left for the beach, which is about an hour away, at about 12:30 am (yes, AM). The beach was quite peaceful. There were no screaming children, or droves of people in our way. It was nice, but, at the same time I missed them a little. What's a public beach without the little annoyances?

Seeing as how it was my first time at the beach all summer, I felt the need to go in the water. Sure, my friends and I played in the ankle-high water, throwing a Frisbee back and forth, but you really have to be able to be in the water. You need to be able to drink it all in, swim in it, metaphorically and physically. For once I forgot about the possibility of sharks, sting rays (yes, someone managed to make a Steve Irwin joke), jelly fish, and the like, all icky seaweed that might touch my feet or wrist as I waded into the ebbing waters.

No one would come in with me. Sam told me to do it, that it could be "life changing". Once he said that there really wasn't a chance of me NOT going in. I cleared my mind and shed my clothes, down to my skivvies, letting all anxiety about being in front of my clothed friends, nearly naked, wash off like the dense sand that coated my legs. Waist deep, I waded through the dark waters, I watched the moon's reflection on the water, breathed deeply, and went under. I was only under for a second or two, but it felt as if I had been submerged for hours. I left the cool water behind as I walked slowly toward shore, leaving my anxieties and worries in the water, polluting it, cleansing myself.

I told them "the water's beautiful" as I walked past them and collapsed onto the sand, listening to the sounds of the waves crashing against the beach, and stared aimlessly into the sky, looking from one star to the next.

I'm really self conscious about my writing...so no comments, heh.

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

[03:11pm] on [Wed the 27th]

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While in class yesterday I randomly said "The cook is in the kitchen"...in Latin. The guy next to me was extremely confused.

I write silly, entertaining essays. Sometimes by being myself, you know, funny (har), I alienate some people. These were a few select lines on a process essay on how to make a paper hat:

papacyCollapse )

I just hope that the teacher wasn't catholic, which she almost definately was, or at least that she wasn't offended or anything. That would be lame.

Here are a few gems from my "how to eat an oreo cookie" process essay:

Oreo-acyCollapse )

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

[02:19pm] on [Thu the 17th]

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Dirt Cup

This lady brought in "Dirt Cups" for everyone, because today is finals.

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

[12:41am] on [Wed the 9th]

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Livejournal? What.

I guess I'm going to be a loser and do a friends cut. There are too many people and I don't read half the journals. I doubt they read mine.

If you get deleted...who cares, you aren't reading this.

Buh bye now.

Thursday, July 27th, 2006

[02:32pm] on [Thu the 27th]

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I was searching for jobs online and I came across the following job title:
Breakfast Attendant

I want it.

Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

[05:38pm] on [Tue the 25th]

current mood : lazy
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So, I was sitting in Meteorology class, sippin my iced coffee. The cup and its contents were obviously cold, so it cause the water vapor in the air to vapidly condense on the glass. It's a computer room so I don't like to leave giant puddles (sometimes I do), so I dabbed the bottom of the cup on my khaki shorts. This is what came of it, and I'm not even kidding:

[01:07pm] on [Tue the 25th]

current mood : full
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I hate studying. I love the early part of procrastinating.

Thank you livejournal.

Sunday, July 9th, 2006

[04:03pm] on [Sun the 9th]

current mood : productive, ha!
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I did a google search for my old lj name, and it came up with a random entry from a year and a half ago...I read it, and I liked it so much that I'm posting the whole thing again.

I woke up really late today, almost a whole hour. I picked up Kristen, who took fo'ever even though we were late, followed by Beth (who we tried to fool by driving down the street and turning around before she came out of the house, which was to no avail). Went to Dunkin' Donuts, saw my man Paolo (my man as my friend, no homo-homo here), got a bagel...because it's BAGEL THURSDAY. Coffee. Sped (haha, ahhh) (speeded? nahh son) to school, padiddles everywhere. Sat in the car because we weren't that late, stepped into the prison, cell block B. Nosey class observers wouldn't leave me alone. Ryan Courtenay and I stole, but it sucked in the end.

Second period, totally went the wrong way. Made a menu, available for download sometime later if you have Microsoft Publisher, I don't have the patience to make it available for viewing if you don't. Went to the REAL second period, talked with some Cha-icks, Chicks. get it? Went back to cell block B and had interesting and thought-provoking conversations in Anthropology, with a Substitute even. This stupid bitch wouldn't shut up, me and the two other smart kids hate her. Lindsey Lavoie contributed as well. Adriana brought up how she hates Americans, blah blah blah. I don't care anymore. It's hard, speaking to a wall that is.

Went to JAVA, not coffee, the programming, KILLah (If you're really tired like me, that could make you think of Kill Allah...yes, um no.) Played around with Firefox and all that stuff. Went to my locker, leather jacket, Beth and Kristen. I Saw Mark, it was good. I let Erin Crowley (Check +) and who appeared to be her grandmother in, twice, it was cool how it happened.

Saw Ryan Fontas on the highway, we were both in cars. They were going like 75 for some reason (20 miles over). We waved to each other when we were at the traffic light. Drove Kristen and Bethany to Kristen's house. Left for home. My mother decided that I should come pick her up at work. After I was so nice and picked her up, we went to the post office and then Staples.

I got so many notebooks and stuff at Staples, it's crazy. We also looked around at desks, chairs, and thumb drives (thumb drives for her). Had fights about RAM and how a computer works. I picked out a chair and desk that I really want, totally about $200. Not sure if I'll be able to get them. After that we came home. I watched the Happy Days reunion special and then went on the computer.

I'm so good at procrastination, it's...I think of the word later, after I type this entry...

::Forced Laughter::

So anyway. School tomorrow, 7 days straight...wooh. I should get a cake. It rained and sleeted tonight so I'm not going to wash the car tomorrow. The car does however need mucho gasoline. Mucho, I can speak Spanish.

I'm done, and so are you.

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

[10:01am] on [Wed the 28th]

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We ran out of our normal coffee (Maxwell house, as if he's a baron), so I made this other coffee from Natalie's Roastery (not as if she's a baron). I can't decide whether it's the best or worst coffee I've had.

I just kind of typed all this out, without looking over it, so the ideas aren't good or structed in any way, which i displease of. However, I don't care enough right now to fix it.

I think "good" coffee, as well as many other things, depends on the situation more so than the actual event. Case in point: The best cup of coffee isn't usually about the coffee, especially if it's mass-produced and generic (ie. Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks). If it's a freezing-cold day, and you are shivering like whoa (when your lips go "like w-w-whoa") then some hot coffee can bring you back to regular "like whoa." A vice-a-versa (hot, sticky, disgusting day, ice-cold coffee).
And I guess that this can be said about many beverages, with the hot and cold temperature differentials, such as beer, lemonade, hot chocolate, whatever. However, I don't drink beer, so I have iced and hot coffee.

Tuesday, June 20th, 2006

It's not a cookie, it's fruit and cake. [04:26am] on [Tue the 20th]

current mood : ready
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Boredom sets in...

I redesigned my myspace, again. It took forever because IE 6 and 7 suck. It looked perfect in Firefox but I needed dual complience (I like that phrase). However, after all of my trials and tribulations, it is done.

I downloaded the String Quartet's tribute to Elliott Smith. I combined it with the real Miss Misery track with my 2-year-old stolen software. It sounds pretty good in most spots, but there are holes where the instruments don't sync up correctly with his voice. Take a look/listen, download if you want (which you won't):

I moved my room around to accomodate my air conditioner. I've created a little office/workspace (aren't those the same?) in my corner. It's almost like a cubicle.
I was in my room most of today, and I couldn't once tell it was ninety degrees outside.

I have class in 4.5 hours. Today is going to be a busy day, filled with regret, anxiety, and thunderstorms.

Wednesday, June 7th, 2006

[09:30pm] on [Wed the 7th]

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