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mikelikewhoa's Journal

All we have are memories...

12 October
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About The Man
Hello. My name is Michael, and this is my journal. I update it quite infrequently. I enjoy all of the common clichés: meeting new people, long walks on the beach, etc. I also enjoy photography, web design (can you tell?), music production, and publishing. I ingest inhuman amounts of coffee (along with sugar and cream to go with it).I love music. Music & Coffee, fantastic.

Quick Things:
6'3", Size 19 Shoe, Student, Web Developer, Graphic Artist, Pirate (not the argh kind), Nashuan, Philosophy, Funny Man

LJ Friends? I have no special requirements for people adding me. That wouldn't be cool, at least not in my journal. No pressure, no drama. Excellent.

MySpace- Personal Website

 Friend's Only Entries:
About 70% of my journal is friend's only. All of my personal entries (also known as the good entries) are located in this group. It is best to tell me that you friended me so that you can immediately enjoy the splender that is Michael.
 Private Entries:
There are hardly ever private entries made to my journal. If private entries are made, it is most likely because i had to post something fast, i will probably post this later under either public or friend's security.
  Public Entries:
Public entries consist mainly of quizzes, tests, and the occasional Meme. Public entries are not funny, entertaining, revealing, or creative.