Michael (mikelikewhoa) wrote,

Job Hunting

Hiring "managers" have wildly excessive expectations of applicants. See below for example job posting that I have just come across.

Administrative Assistant: Burton Funeral Home

Experience: 2-5 Years Experience

Competent with Microsoft Office Products, Quickbooks & Photoshop. Able to multi-task in growing family business with multiple business lines. Composition skills necessary.

1. No one wants to go near a funeral home.
2. You want an administrative assitant who knows MS Office, no prob.
3. Oh, you want quickbooks too, and accounting software?
4. Oh... you also need this magical person to know Photoshop.

They should have just written "Dead people palace seeks Administrative Accountant/Graphic Designer that doesn't have a strong sense of smell. EOE, EMO OK.
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