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I did a google search for my old lj name, and it came up with a random entry from a year and a half ago...I read it, and I liked it so much that I'm posting the whole thing again.

I woke up really late today, almost a whole hour. I picked up Kristen, who took fo'ever even though we were late, followed by Beth (who we tried to fool by driving down the street and turning around before she came out of the house, which was to no avail). Went to Dunkin' Donuts, saw my man Paolo (my man as my friend, no homo-homo here), got a bagel...because it's BAGEL THURSDAY. Coffee. Sped (haha, ahhh) (speeded? nahh son) to school, padiddles everywhere. Sat in the car because we weren't that late, stepped into the prison, cell block B. Nosey class observers wouldn't leave me alone. Ryan Courtenay and I stole, but it sucked in the end.

Second period, totally went the wrong way. Made a menu, available for download sometime later if you have Microsoft Publisher, I don't have the patience to make it available for viewing if you don't. Went to the REAL second period, talked with some Cha-icks, Chicks. get it? Went back to cell block B and had interesting and thought-provoking conversations in Anthropology, with a Substitute even. This stupid bitch wouldn't shut up, me and the two other smart kids hate her. Lindsey Lavoie contributed as well. Adriana brought up how she hates Americans, blah blah blah. I don't care anymore. It's hard, speaking to a wall that is.

Went to JAVA, not coffee, the programming, KILLah (If you're really tired like me, that could make you think of Kill Allah...yes, um no.) Played around with Firefox and all that stuff. Went to my locker, leather jacket, Beth and Kristen. I Saw Mark, it was good. I let Erin Crowley (Check +) and who appeared to be her grandmother in, twice, it was cool how it happened.

Saw Ryan Fontas on the highway, we were both in cars. They were going like 75 for some reason (20 miles over). We waved to each other when we were at the traffic light. Drove Kristen and Bethany to Kristen's house. Left for home. My mother decided that I should come pick her up at work. After I was so nice and picked her up, we went to the post office and then Staples.

I got so many notebooks and stuff at Staples, it's crazy. We also looked around at desks, chairs, and thumb drives (thumb drives for her). Had fights about RAM and how a computer works. I picked out a chair and desk that I really want, totally about $200. Not sure if I'll be able to get them. After that we came home. I watched the Happy Days reunion special and then went on the computer.

I'm so good at procrastination, it's...I think of the word later, after I type this entry...

::Forced Laughter::

So anyway. School tomorrow, 7 days straight...wooh. I should get a cake. It rained and sleeted tonight so I'm not going to wash the car tomorrow. The car does however need mucho gasoline. Mucho, I can speak Spanish.

I'm done, and so are you.
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