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It's not a cookie, it's fruit and cake.

Boredom sets in...

I redesigned my myspace, again. It took forever because IE 6 and 7 suck. It looked perfect in Firefox but I needed dual complience (I like that phrase). However, after all of my trials and tribulations, it is done.

I downloaded the String Quartet's tribute to Elliott Smith. I combined it with the real Miss Misery track with my 2-year-old stolen software. It sounds pretty good in most spots, but there are holes where the instruments don't sync up correctly with his voice. Take a look/listen, download if you want (which you won't):

I moved my room around to accomodate my air conditioner. I've created a little office/workspace (aren't those the same?) in my corner. It's almost like a cubicle.
I was in my room most of today, and I couldn't once tell it was ninety degrees outside.

I have class in 4.5 hours. Today is going to be a busy day, filled with regret, anxiety, and thunderstorms.
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WOW! That track is amazing!!!
+ ♥ subject line